The Village

Las Vicarias

Halfway between Aragón and Castilla-León it is sited this small town that was probably founded around the 13th century.

Today there are two different districts. The first one located close to the road from Almazán to the highway of Aragón. The second one is the historical zone, known as "La Villa", that is placed on an old fortification. In one corner of this area was built the castle due to the constant battles between the kingdoms of Aragón and Castilla. It is quite impresive the octogonal tower, the only one in the whole Castilla and León. The castle (with its "pentagonal style") keeps five different towers; octogonal, circular, pentagonal, square and rectangular. The courtyard is a Reinaissance style. Next to the castle we can visit the traditional Church (in a Romanesque style), and inside the Church ... a lots of incredible religious works of art!

From "La Villa" and just three kilometers far we can visit the Monteagudo de las Vicarías´ water store; a natural park officially declared protected zone for birds. In this fascinating place spend the winter thousands of wild birds from all across Europe!.

If you are interested in History you should make a visit to Castle of la Raya or the Martín González´s Tower, or maybe the famous Virgen de la Torre hermitage. The history of Monteagudo is really amazing. In this small town took place the first official treaty between the kingdoms of Aragón and Castilla (relating to a territorial dispute of lands in the North of Africa... and about a royal wedding). The most notorious kings of Spain (Catholic Kings or the Emperor Charles I spent nights in the Monteagudo´s castle!).

In the outskirts of Monteagudo it is located the marsh. it is one of the most important humid areas in Castilla and León, and nowadays it is posible to observe all kinds of birds of this area and listen to the amazing bidrsong!.



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