Surroundings and Activities

  • This Autum you can enjoy picking-up mushrooms with Rural Home Las Vicarias and for only 90 Eur/1 pax/weekend. Further info here.
  • Bird-Watching is also possible quite close to the village, at Humedal de Monteagudo. Thanks to Trino’s project, some areas have been reconditioned for watching birds like Cranes, Herons, Cormorants, etc… Home supports Trino’s project and offers related-books and watching equipment. It is ideal for ornithologist!
  • Picking-up Mushrooms. You can pick-up the desired thistle mushrooms without even leaving Monteagudo, by the lake-side or just by the surrounding hills. Or you can move close to Almazan area where you can enjoy of picking-up at a pinewood forest
  • A pretty much diverse wild-animal life within a Mediterranean forest. Excursions with specialists can be arranged to watch deers, wildpigs, etc.
  • Half-day or Full-day Routes can be arranged in order to find out places you have never ever dreamt of by the south of province Soria: cave painting, etc.
  • Spend one day at countryside so you can learn the job of a shepherd: you will be out in the field to meet sheep and sheep-dogs and help shepherds to drive them on and back to stables, where if lucky you can see how female-sheep give birth.
  • There’s also the possibility to arrange routes on bikes or walking.
  • Village also have Pelota Court, swimming-pool and children park so your children can also have their times!!!
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