The water road

Monasterio de Piedra Take the A2 towards Zaragoza and in less than half an hour you wil be arriving to the Monasterio de Piedra, where if the spring was very wet you will enjoy with a wonderful walk near the Piedra river. Enjoy an unbelievable Nature!.

The Romanesque roadrabs

Arcóbriga - Santa María de la Huerta - Medinaceli - Ambrona Starting in Monteagudo towards highway N-II we have to take the road to Medinaceli. This is a Roman town with a marvellous Trimphal Arch and Roman mosaics. It is interesting to visit the Main Square where was built the Dukes of Medinaceli´s Palace. From this point (taking the SO-131) you will go to Ambrona, the town with one of the most amazing museums to admire prehistoric animal fossils.

The Numantina road

Soria - Numancia From Monteagudo towards Almazán you can take the N-III to Soria. It is highly recommended to visit the Santo Domingo y San Juan de Rabanera Church, the Concathedral of San Pedro, the hermitage of San Saturio on the banks of the Duero river. From Soria you can reach an historical site; Numancia.

The Iglesias rod

Morón de Almazán - Almazán From Monteagudo towards Soria you can go to Morón de Almazán where you can see its Church (Plateresque style) and the Town Hall. If you ontinue to Almazán (a lovely town founded by Arabs) on the banks of the Duero river. This town keeps part of the original medieval walls and the Hurtado de Mendoza´s Palace.

The Medieval road

Berlanga - San Baudelio - Castillo de Gormaz - Burgo de Osma From Monteagudo towards Almazán and taking the C-116, you can go to Burgo de Osma. Just 25 kms far from this town and taking the SO-102 you will last ust a few minutes to arrive to Berlanga. There is an interesting castle to visit here. Just 12 kms far from Berlanga it is located San Baudelio with its unique work of art: its mozarabs church. In the town of Gormaz you will discover two ineresting monuments; San Miguel Church (Romanesque style) and the Gormaz´s castle (the largest Arabs fortification in Europe). If you decie to stop at Burgo de Osma you could see a medieval town with an amazing Cathedral (Gothic style).

La Laguna road

La Laguna road From Monteagudo to Soria (C-101) and then (N-III) towards Burgos. First you vill see Vinuesa and its surprising landscape. Later you will reach La Laguna Negra and the source of the Duero river.



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